Put Yourself To The Entrepreneur Test

PsychTest has created the Entrepreneur Personality Test. It is a unique test that can assess whether you’re entrepreneur material.

The test covered seven key business traits, namely Self-sufficiency, Conscientiousness, Drive, Social Skills, Optimism, Risk-taking, and Networking Ability. With over 12,000 test-takers to date, PsychTests data revealed that entrepreneurs who took the test outscored those without business experience on every scale. When comparing female vs. male entrepreneurs, men were more driven than women (score of 67 vs. 62 on a scale from 0 to 100), while women had better social skills (70 vs. 67) and tended to be more optimistic (72 vs. 67).

“Entrepreneurs clearly have a personality pattern that places them distinctly apart from others,” asserts Dr. Jerabek, president of PsychTests. “To be able to wager your life savings on what often seems like a pipe dream to others takes a special type of character, and our data shows this. For example, 72% of test-takers who are entrepreneurs indicate that they are quite comfortable taking monetary or work-related risks, compared to 54% of the rest of the test-takers in our sample. Entrepreneurs also tend to describe themselves as being more ambitious than regular people. This says a lot. They know that they are different from others.”

If you would like to take a condensed version of the test, you can do so for free at their website. Then come back and tell us how you scored.

Photo by Renato Ganoza

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