Red Bull Vending Fraud Sends Man to Prison

Photo by Bart van Damme

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Since I’ve posted about Red Bull vending machines in the past, it’s only right that I post an update on a scheme by Creative Concepts of America:

The founder of a company that duped customers into thinking they could make hefty profits by buying Red Bull vending machines was sentenced on Monday to 17 1/2 years in federal prison.

Andrew Levinson’s company, Creative Concepts of America, raked in more than $22 million from approximately 920 people nationwide who bought vending machines for the energy drink. Customers were told they could expect to sell at least 20 cans a day, and they were given the names of vendors who were already making money off their machines.

But federal authorities say the vending machines were never that popular — sales were more like one or two cans a day — and the references were paid to lie.

The lesson from this: be honest and don’t sell a bizop as something that makes money if it doesn’t.

Photo by Bart van Damme.

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