Tool Line Just Right For Women

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It is easy to see Janette Bagabuyo’s tools and that’s exactly how she likes it.

They are pink. Bright pink. But more important, they are made for her hands, which means the tools are smaller and lighter and balanced differently.

The accountant, mother and home renovator — she has extensively remodelled her own home — is also the local representative for Tomboy Tools, tools specifically designed for women.

Bagabuyo said she loves her tools. The differences in weight, size and balance make a variety of jobs around the house easier, she said.

She showed the hammer as an example. It has a slimmer handle, a slightly lighter head and more of the weight is balanced toward the head.

The minor variations from a traditional men’s hammer are slight but significant. The slimmer handle is easier for female hands to hold and the weight-forward design makes it easier to swing with accuracy and power, she said.

“It’s easier for a woman to swing a hammer that is weighted this way. We can get better speed and accuracy out of a hammer this way,” Bagabuyo said.

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