Inventor’s Revolutionary Walking Stick

Arthur Evans has completely renovated the cane as we know it. According to Portside Messenger, his device, called the Powercane, may become the latest must-have tool for the baby boomer generation.

Mr Evans, 59, says his patented technology will have wider application for trade and emergency service tools.

He says the extending and retracting Powercane, which acts like a finely controlled jack, gives elderly and disabled people unprecedented control for lifting themselves. The secret is the use of ancient Archimedean thread on the tubes within the stick and a unique coupling device, he says.

“Powercane is the world’s first portable, rechargeable, hand-held, linear ‘man-jack’, and the first ever fully digital power tool, meaning it is programmed, for example, to return to a user’s preferred walking length,” Mr Evans says. “It’s not an invention, it’s an archetypal shift.”

Mr Evans, who has osteoarthritis and relies on a conventional walking stick, began working on the project three years ago to help the elderly and disabled get around.

A standard model will come with a floodlight, but upgrades could include GPS, mobile phone, internet, radio, and even sonar for the blind and voice activation.

Photo by Elvert Barnes

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