Make Any Bicycle Electric

Whitefish Pilot has the story on a man who created a unique device that can make any mountain bike into an electric bicycle. The device is small enough to carry, and it can be put on and taken off while still on the trail.

Theoretically, a cyclist could ride up a trail powered by the electric motor, then remove the batteries and motor, put them in a backpack and descend as on a regular bike. Carolin has the prototype mounted to his full-suspension downhill bike and says it adds about 10 pounds to the frame when in use.

The kit uses a model-airplane motor that attaches to the front fork and two battery packs strapped to the bike’s frame. The right-hand handle bar grip has the throttle.

Carolin says his invention’s power stands out from other electric options on the market.

“This has more torque and goes at a pretty high speed,” he noted.

The motor will power a bike up 45-degree hills with ease, Carolin says, and will run for about 30 miles between charges. When a rider pedals with the front-wheel motor, “it’s like a mountain goat with two-wheel drive.”


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