Someone With Focuses On Women With Cancer

For most things, we can find what we need on a website or in a catalog. However, The Washington Post wonders where women with cancer go for answers. That is where Someone With hopes to help.

She can get medical help from doctors and other professionals; solace from friends and family; perhaps spiritual support within herself or clergy.

But what about the daily things most women use in their lives, from makeup and clothing to special items such as wigs?

A local entrepreneur, who has a distinguished background in creating and managing successful ventures, is working to change that.

Paula Jagemann has launched Someone With.

“I named it that because we say we know ‘someone with’ cancer or another medical problem,” Jagemann said.

Jagemann has spent months setting up the company. She has not only contacted suppliers of products designed for cancer victims but had them independently tested and rated. She has talked with specialists in medical fields about services and products.

“There was nothing out there,” Jagemann said. “If you went to a doctor’s office there wasn’t much information other than medical. This will have makeup, wigs and other products that are tested and safe for women with cancer.”

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