Becoming An App Creator At 16

Dylan Eirinberg has always been an average kid. He liked to play sports and spend time outside. No one really saw him as a computer geek. However, according to Highland Park Patch, he is now the proud creater of an iPhone app.

“I’ve always been an Apple fan,” said Eirinberg, a junior at Highland Park High School who was motivated to create Glide from playing games on his iPhone.

When a software developer kit was released that allowed anyone to create an app, Eirinberg decided to give it a shot.

Eirinberg went out and bought a few books that explained how to create iPhone Apps and write the Apple-specific code known as Objective-C. He tried and failed two times over the course of a few months before successfully creating Glide, which he worked on for hundreds of hours from last October until he finished it just weeks ago.

After the experience of putting the game program together, Eirinberg thinks that he wants to study computer science when he goes to college next year. In the meantime, he wants to keep expanding what he has built.

“In the immediate future, I want to make more levels for this app and expand upon it,” said Eirinberg. “I also want to make another game.”

Photo by Yutaka Tsutano

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