Generate Power While Sunbathing: iKini

An inventor has decided it is not enough to get a great tan while sunbathing during the summer. Andrew Schneider has decided the bikini needs to also generate power. So, according to All Headline News, he created the iKini.

The swimsuit … is made with 40 highly flexible and thin photo-volcanic panels takes over 80 hours to make. He said he initially came up with the idea as a joke.

“It was the first day of school and we were going around the table brainstorming ideas for sustainable products. I didn’t really have anything exciting so I leaned over to my friend and just jokingly said that I was going to make a bikini that could cool your beer at the beach,” says Schneider in TODAY show report. “We laughed about it, but a few weeks later I realized that it was very much possible from a technical standpoint.”

Schneider said that the swimwear is completely safe and users shouldn’t worry about getting an electric shock while using it. “You wouldn’t even feel the charge,” he said.

According to the designer, you could even go for a swim as long as you make sure that you are “dry before hooking up.”

Currently the fashion forward technological attire is only available for women however Schneider has revealed that he intends to create a pair of trunks that can cool beer.

The novel idea turned swimsuit sells for $500 and $1,500.

Photo by Funkdooby

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