Summer To-Do List For Entrepreneurs

The Washington Post has compiled a list of quotes from fellow entrepreneurs on what you should do this summer. Is any of it on your list?

Dive in, head first. “Take the plunge. You’ve been sitting on an idea for a couple years, it’s time to act. Put together a business plan and start getting feedback from people you respect.”

– Elana Fine, director of venture investments, Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship

Test the waters. “Use neighbors at the barbecues, the people on the beach, fellow vacationers on your family cruise to market test your (new) product, flavor or next big idea. There’s nothing better than real customers to tell you what they think.”

– Oliver Schlake, PhD, entrepreneurship teaching fellow, business consultant, researcher and entrepreneur

Send your employees packing. “Make your valuable employees take a vacation and then do their job for a week. It will put you back in touch with what is going on in your company.”

– Harry Geller, entrepreneur-in-residence, Dingman Center for Entrepreneurship

Photo by Rob and Stephanie Levy

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