The Legal Complexities Of Going International

Often reported as the most successful method of product and service distribution developed during the Twentieth Century, franchising is achieving large-scale global success.

‎A New Start In Franchising For The French Family

Matthew French have just embarked on a new chapter of their career, having started their own franchise business with Chem-Dry.

Right Step At The Right Time Pays Off

For a business that started off in chemicals trading, to get into footwear distribution might have one asking: “Where’s the fit in this?” The promoters of Source Rite International retain no such doubts, seeing the diversification as being the right step at the right time for the company.


African Women Mean Business

What leapt out from the session was the untapped potential of women entrepreneurs.

Wowcow’s Frozen Yogurt Store Concept To Franchise

Australians have a taste for frozen yogurt and it’s a taste that dessert business Wowcow is now ready to feed through franchising.


Avoid Patent Licensing Landmines

#1 – Believing a term sheet will protect your interests

A term sheet a brief document outlining the terms and conditions of a business agreement.


Medical Supply Line Making Its Mark With Health Care Products

Medical Supply Line is an Internationally branded technology asset that sources, compares, procures, manages and delivers lower cost health care equipment and supplies.

Chi Kitchen & Bar Mulls Franchising For Rapid Expansion

Chi Kitchen & Bar, Pan-Asian casual dining restaurant and bar is based on the belief that “a man is nothing but the sum of the food he puts in his body and the thoughts that flow in his mind”.