The Ideal Saddle For Bicycles

Who knew that a toilet seat could produce so much inspiration? However, that is exactly what it did for Steve Toll, reports My Fox.

“I was sitting in the bathroom reading one day, and I was sitting there for about an hour, and I realized I was more comfortable on my toilet seat than I was on my bike,” said inventor Steve Toll.

The Adamo is designed similar to a toilet seat. He started selling the saddles from home, but his small company — now called Ideal Saddle Modification — quickly spread around the country.

“I was working out of the house selling jewelry, and when I had some extra money I would buy some extra product,” he said. “I would get it made, ship it in and sell it. It continued to grow. We out grew the house and ended up in two storage places.”

How about this for a list of clients: Countless amounts of cyclists, secret service members, the Chicago Police Department and the Tampa Police Department.

Toll relocated to a larger warehouse and expanded his company. He’s now selling about 6,000 seats a month, and he expects to rake in $2 million this year.

“From the beginning when … friends were telling me how stupid I was, how dumb the idea was, how ugly the saddles were,” he said. “They told me I was wasting my time and money. For some reason, I kept going.”

Photo from ISM

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