Do You Have a Google Plus Account? Want One?

Do you have a Google Plus account yet?

Franchisers Try New Approach To Finding Franchisees

Lea Bailes, CEO of Guier Fence, set about looking for a Denver franchisee for his fencing company the traditional way: through print directories, franchise brokers and Internet franchise portals.

Four Local Students Nab Dunkin Donuts Scholarship

Though most of us get caffeine boosts from Dunkin Donuts, four local students are getting a nice financial boost from the coffee chain giant.

Franchisees Sue Edible Arrangements

A group of almost 200 franchisees of Wallingford-based Edible Arrangements can sue the company, a federal judge has ruled.


How To Recognize A Good Business Opportunity

Excellent business opportunities are not always easy to spot.

New Oxford Nardelli’s Grinder Shoppe Makes Seven

After 4 months of construction, the Nardelli family announced recently the opening of the seventh Nardelli’s Grinder Shoppe at 84 Oxford Road (Route 67) in Oxford, Connecticut.

Termination By The Book – Advice For The Franchisee

Following the February 2011 collapse of Redgroup Retail and its book retailing outlets Borders and Angus & Robertson, it was reported that a group of Angus & Robertson franchisees chose to terminate their franchise agreements on the basis of alleged breaches of those agreements by Angus & Robertson.

Expion Helps Applebee’s(R) Drive Local Customer Engagement On Facebook

Expion announced that it is has been working for over a year with three of the ten largest Applebee’s franchisees, managing and monitoring hundreds of local restaurant Facebook pages.