Niche Food: Smart Labels

The label may tell you how many days after opening the food will expire, but how do you keep track? People have tried every trick in the book to remember expiration dates. Some people write the date on the jar, some may keep a list on the fridge, and some like Pete Higgins just invent a smart label.

He said: “I came up with the idea one day when I was feeding my son and I reached for a jar of mayonnaise which said ‘eat within four weeks of opening’.

“I realised I had no idea how fresh it was and set about thinking how I could come up with something which would let me know.

“The idea was simple, but it took a lot of work to figure out a way to make it a reality.”

Now at the prototype stage, the label uses a chemical reaction which is activated when the jar is opened and displays how long it will stay fresh with a series of small green squares.

When the final one is reached, the label turns red – meaning that the food within is no longer safe to eat.

Photo by Nikki L.

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