The Key To Medicine Safety

No one wants to believe their children or grandchildren will get into their medicine. Unfortunately, it happens.

Michael Rebando’s daughter was only two years old when she climbed up to where he kept his medicine, chewed the safety top off, and ate some of the pills. Thankfully she survived, but something else happened that day. Michael and his friend Michael Boccia came up with a business idea, reports

Boccia said the general public is beginning to be aware of the prescription-drug-abuse problem, but he said MedSafe is working closely with DARE, Drug Free America Foundation and other anti-drug organizations.

MedSafe recently sold 100 MedSafe devices to be distributed by the Trumbull County Mental Health and Recovery agency. These will be distributed to Warren Area Board of Realtors members to install in homes that are for sale to prevent visitors from raiding medicine cabinets.

Boccia said MedSafe is constructed of impact-resistant polymer and secured by a digital locking system.

It retails for $89.95 but is sold at a deep discount to anti-drug organizations and individual customers who go online to the MedSafe website.

Image from MedSafe

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