Magnetic Energy

What if you only needed a generator made up of magnets for electricity? That is an idea inventor Jim Moe has been considering with his own magnetic energy generator.

He’s far from the first to create such a contraption. A quick Internet search finds dozens of entrepreneurs selling plans for magnetic generators promising to power your home for a fraction of the cost of traditional electricity sources. There are dozens more sites refuting those claims.

Moe has a patent for a component that he claims makes his generator one-of-a-kind. He says he’s found an arrangement of magnets that change their net polarity.

Simple magnets have ‘north’ and ‘south’ polarities that attract or repel on a 180 degree radius. Moe says he discovered a cluster of magnets that together create a pull and a push every 45 degrees. In theory, the result, he says is a more efficient means to produce energy.

“The number of possible combinations (of magnets) is nearly endless,” he said. “It looks quite simple but it’s so complex it’s unbelievable.”

His first foray into inventing was vending machines. He was inspired by a friend who worked in the vending industry. He received a patent for a machine he’d built. He manufactured and operated a few but the venture wasn’t profitable.

Now in his twilight years, the ambition of his new creation isn’t netting a profit; it’s to provide an alternative energy source.

Photo by p.Gordon

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