Shuttle-Inspired Baby Walker

What do you do if you were once an aircraft mechanic with a passion for space shuttles? You create a unique baby walker, of course.

Samuel Odwalu Mayson has had some trouble working his way off the streets. Jobs seem to be scarce, but he was determined to do something. So, he is working on an invention. His unique baby walker resembles a space shuttle but it makes the process of learning to walk easier for babies, reports Times-Herald.

Mayson’s Baby Walker Jet is designed to accelerate babies’ locomotion development and allow them to “blast off,” said Mayson.

Putting himself in the booties of babies, Mayson said that learning to walk opens up a strange new world to the infants, much like space travel did for astronauts.

Mayson’s invention departs from a standard baby walker, he said, because it gives the infant more control over its travel, indoor and out, while building muscles, balance and coordination, Mayson said. Plus, it’s shaped like a space shuttle with an extended handle bar jetting out its back.

Mayson said he envisions a financial return on his Baby Walker Jet that will allow him to turn around and invest back into community by opening a business and employing others.

“The United States has assisted me a lot. The country has given me help when I was in dire need of assistance — which I still am,” Mayson said. “(Now) I want to give back.”

Photo by Doug Garner

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