Spanish Chain 100 Montaditos Plans Major US Expansion

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Tired of greasy burgers and giant footlong sub sandwiches from your American-style fast food franchises? You may soon have the chance to try out something completely different. Spanish sandwich franchise 100 Montaditos is reportedly planning a major expansion across the United States with hopes of building 4,000 new locations within the next five years.

100 Montaditos is certainly a franchise on the rise. Named for the type of sandwich the brand trades in, tiny 5-inch bullet-shaped things made from toasty Spanish rolls, and the fact that there are exactly a hundred varieties to choose from (ranging from simple PBJs to adventurous Mediterranean flavors like tuna with hearts of palm or chorizo with Iberico cheese, and all for less than $3!), the Madrid-based brand has already expanded to 200 locations throughout Spain since its inception in 2000. It has also struck gold in Florida, opening of an initial Miami location to an ardent following and promising profits.

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