Manufacturing Moving From China to the USA

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According to the the father and son team behind Sleek Audio, it’s all because of the quality.


When Mark Krywko and his son, Jason, launched Sleek Audio, a small business making in-ear headphones for iPods and other audio devices from a Florida town near St. Petersburg, they asked several U.S. manufacturers for quotes on how much it would cost to make their product. It was, of course, oh so much cheaper in China, so they contracted with a factory in Guangdong province and launched their first product in 2007.

But last year, fed up with low quality, too much travel, communications problems, shipping delays, rising costs, and — worst of all — a ruined shipment of 10,000 sets of earphones that cost millions and nearly brought the company to its knees, the father-and-son team made a big business decision: quit China and move their manufacturing back to the U.S. “It became very difficult and taxing on us,” says Jason. “Now we control the quality of the product. No more waiting for production has been a wonderful thing.”

Photo by purplemattfish.

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