The Mentor In A Miniskirt

Women in Canada looking for a consultant to help them succeed in business need to look no further than Desiree Bombenon and her initiative called Mentor in a Miniskirt.

The consulting initiative has moved Bombenon into a leadership role where she is looking at starting a series of books and self-help sessions for young females to assist them in the corporate world. It provides assistance, guidance and mentorship to women entrepreneurs and leaders.

She started working on the idea about two years ago.

“I have a lot of connections with just some unbelievable female leaders throughout Canada and I think to be able to tap into that and being able to talk to them about some of the things that they went through in their experiences and help them to share their experiences and inspire young women to move forward in leadership roles is really, really important,” says Bombenon, who is Canadian Regional Chair of the Young Presidents Organization – the first fe-male to hold that position.

Photo by Women’s eNews

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