NCCI Offers Debt Collections With Respect

When bills go unpaid, it can cause problems for the company. When these bills continue to go unpaid, sometimes it is important to call in another company that can help you recover some of the debt. That is where a company like National Creditors Connection, Inc. can help. They help companies reconnect with the people that owe them by visiting the customer and working out possible solutions.

For people comfortable with ongoing, face-to-face contact with NCCI also offers an opportunity for people to make money helping businesses make those connections. I recently asked Crystal Bucher a few questions about the company and their representative opportunity.

Tell us a little about National Creditors.

As the nation’s leader in field contact services since 1992, NCCI provides the face-to-face contact solutions you need to effectively reconnect with customers and gather information vital to your success. These face-to face contacts are made by our nationwide network of background-screened and trained field representatives who treat your customers with dignity, sincerity, and professionalism. Our secure technology systems, insurance protection and unparalleled experience give you the means to efficiently collect what is rightfully yours. To learn more click on the video link.

What does this company do?

NCCI reconnects lenders with their borrowers by going to the borrower’s home in hopes of resolves delinquent accounts. There is no selling and the field reps do not collect any money. Some of our clients include BofA, Chase, Wells Fargo, and Harley Davidson. Field Reps are Independent Contractor representing NCCI in the field. As an independent contractor individuals are given the freedom to make their own hours. We have new assignment daily! We are currently recruiting nationwide for individuals looks to earn additional income.

Tell us a little about your opportunity.

The opportunity is part-time (mostly) however if an individuals wants to grow their coverage area by bring sub-contractors on under them, that is an option. Most of the states are run through Regional Vendors that pay the independent contractor direct. Others are direct vendors with us and we pay them.

What are some of your requirements?
There is no cost involved, all we need is to have the representative meet the following requirements:

  • Must have access to a computer with a printer and internet
  • Own a digital camera with date/time stamp capabilities and cell phone
  • Must have access to reliable transportation
  • Must be professional with strong oral and written communication skills
  • Must be careful with “face to face” interviews with consumers
  • Experience is a plus but not required; training is provided

What separates you from the competition?

We are one of the few companies that provide clients with field representatives. Having someone go to the borrowers home, treat them with respect and dignity, and try to encourage them to call their lender.

What are some goals the company hopes to reach over the next year or so?

Of course, providing our client with great customer service is always a goal for the company. Another important goal is the decrease our “out of service” areas by bring on vendors would see this as a great opportunity.

Do you have any advice you’d like to offer anyone considering your opportunity?

This opportunity is not for everyone. You have to like to drive and be able to go to someones door.

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