The Putter That Fixes Divots

The Sun News:

Graves, inventor of the Double Duty: Divot Repair Putter, is now producing long putters with the unique and useful clubhead that doubles as a tool to fix ball marks on greens. He expects them to be available by early November.

The long-shafted putters with shaft lengths from 48 to 53 inches have already been certified by the USGA. Graves is selling the regulation-length putters for $79.95 and expects to sell long putters for $139.95 each. “Sales have been slow,” Graves said. “It’s slow all over the country. People just aren’t spending money.”

The Double Duty long putter has already piqued the interest of one notable golfer: past Masters champion and longtime long putter user Bernhard Langer. Graves sent emails to a number of pro golfer agents, and a representative of Langer responded requesting one.

Graves sent him a prototype that isn’t face balanced. His new putters will be face balanced and he intends to send Langer one of those once he receives all the components to build it. He has 25 putter heads on order.

Photo by Double Duty

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