Tackling Germs On Hospital Door Handles

If the handle doesn’t squirt sanitizer on your hand, then maybe the power of light will help keep those handles sanitized instead?

“It all came to me when I was thinking about when you go to the bathroom, a lot of people use paper towels to exit the bathroom because they’re scared of the handle. I was thinking, why can’t we just sterilize the handles?” Romo said.

The handle sterilizer has the attention of the Federal Health and Human Services Department.

Chief Technology Officer for the Federal Health and Human Services Department, Todd Park said, “It captures in a nutshell why I’m so optimistic about healthcare right now. Entrepreneurs like Luis Romo, companies like Helios, apply ingenuity and solve problems that will improve healthcare and create jobs at the same time.”

Park says he hopes to see this invention in hospitals across the country. He’s confident more inventions will come from upstate New York that will change the world.

Romo already has a business deal to make a more compact version of the handle sterilizer, and plans to start manufacturing by the end of the year.

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