Does Yelp Help?

Positive reviews can help spread the word about a business, but does a service like Yelp really help businesses bring in more customers? For one entrepreneur, even the negative reviews can help.

Bolt Barbers actually displays those negative Yelp comments explicitly on their website. They put them in their window, and they’ve even published a book of some of the best buzz kill reviews.

“They’re certainly very informative for us,” according to Berman. “We learn a lot from them. They give great perspective, but they are also incredibly funny.

And believe it or not, Berman or Mohawk Matt as he’s known, says the campaign actually helps his business.

“Yelp is incredibly important,” says Berman. “We run offers on Yelp. We actually generate and run advertising that takes people, instead of to our home page, to our Yelp page.”

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