Inspires Me Week Inspiring UK Students

The scheme, called Inspires Me Week, allowed more than 50 students aged 14 – 16 to spend a week working directly with companies in a variety of sectors including TV production, food, mobile applications, environmentally friendly baby retail and fashion.

The budding entrepreneurs went behind the scenes, shadowing business leaders and company bosses. They received hands-on experience, gaining insight into the skills required to run a business in a highly competitive environment, as well as observing the qualities and attributes required to become an entrepreneur.

The Mayor of London Boris Johnson said: ‘Young people are key to our city’s future prosperity and their ideas, creativity, initiative and enterprise are invaluable assets, which we want to help nurture. Even in times of economic uncertainty, entrepreneurship is a route to success, but it also brings a personal sense of achievement. We want the youngsters taking part in this exciting week to be challenged, but also inspired to go on to become the entrepreneurs and future leaders that our city needs.’

Would a program like this inspire kids from many different countries?

Photo by Magnus D

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