Risks Faced By Inventors

There are many risks and rewards that come with inventing. Inventors Digest has pulled together a collection of risks you should avoid. Are you ready to walk that fine line?

Risk #1: Getting a search without a patentability opinion.

Before you order a search, make sure you will get at least a “file or don’t file” patentability opinion. Although it costs more, a patentability opinion that gives reasons why you probably can or can’t get a patent is best. It may reveal a way that you can alter your invention to get around the obstructing prior art if the answer is “don’t file.”

Risk #2: Assuming because you haven’t seen it in a retail store, your invention doesn’t exist.

A product that is significantly like your invention is the most certain form of prior art. A product search is just as important as a patent search for clearing the way to file your patent application, and you can do a product search yourself.

Risk #3: Being paranoid about revealing your invention.

Don’t blab your invention concepts to the fellow you meet on an airplane. On the other hand, you have much to gain by discussing your invention with friends and inventor club associates. Most of us have so many inventions on the back burner that we would never be tempted to steal someone else’s.

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