Rhythm Time, one of the leading providers of educational music classes for babies, toddlers and pre-schoolers, has announced that it has enjoyed further success this month as it continues to attract high numbers of parents to its free baby music class demonstrations.

“It’s very important for parents to be able to try our fun and educational music classes for young children before they commit to classes on a regular basis,” says Kathy Doolan, owner and Founder of Rhythm Time. “Once they experience first-hand how the classes can genuinely benefit their children (for example by enhancing speech development, social skills, confidence, co-ordination, creativity, as well as many other areas), the majority of them will sign up for the long-term until their child reaches school age.”

Rhythm Time franchisee, Lyn Warner, who runs classes across parts of the West Midlands, recently ran a highly successful baby music class demonstration that will result in approximately 18 children joining her successful classes.

Originally posted by Mark on December 27, 2011 in Franchise Site.


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