Washington Post (blog):

Right around lunchtime this afternoon, my dog Andy the Barking Schnoodle lost his mind. That could only mean one thing: Someone was at the door. In the Rosenwald household, that’s usually a food delivery driver, and that driver is usually handing off pizza or Chinese.

Today the driver handed me a Whopper, fries, a Diet Coke, a salad and a Hershey’s sundae pie. The smell of fries on my doorstep was a rather new and perplexing aroma.

Burger King is testing delivery at about 10 locations in Maryland and Virginia, and I decided to test it at my house. Once the food finally got here, it was pretty darn good: The fries were hot and crispy, the Whopper was fresh and unsoggy, the salad was pretty and delightful and the pie — I was too full for that. Read on.

Originally posted by Mark on February 10, 2012 in Franchise Site.


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