The Express Tribune:

While Lal Qila’s profit margins decrease at home because of rising costs of ingredients, the Karachi-based gourmet restaurant offering a variety of ‘desi’ food in a 17th century, exquisite setting is heading for rapid expansion in many parts of the world in coming months.

Having entertained a president, several prime ministers, politicians, former judges, European and US diplomats and famous sportsmen, the one-of-its-kind restaurant in Karachi is now aiming to capture the international market by establishing franchises all over the world, Lal Qila Director Abid Siddiq told The Express Tribune.

The first foreign franchise of Lal Qila was established in Dubai a year ago. “It’s doing excellent business. It’s doing really good compared to other businesses,” Siddiq says, adding standard operating procedures (SOPs) have been documented carefully to make future franchise operations easy. Its franchise in Faisalabad has also been operational for the past six months.

Originally posted by Cris Zimermann on February 15, 2012 in Franchise Site.


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