Social Entrepreneurs Changing The World With Startups

Not only are the young making an effort to help change the world, they are starting businesses that project their positive attitudes, reports VentureBeat.

There is no clear-cut definition, but most social entrepreneurs would agree that their overarching goal is to use business and business process to drive social or environmental impact.

“There is a growing group in Silicon Valley that believes that social business and technology can change the world,” said Leila Janah. Janah, at 29 years old, is the founder of Samasource, which provides outsourced computer work to women and youth in the poorest pockets of the world, including India, Kenya, and Pakistan.

Impact investors, once a niche group, say they are now inundated by opportunities in this space.

“I was doing this in the mid to late 90s and I felt very lonely in that pursuit. There wasn’t even a language for social or mission investment,” recalled Stephen DeBerry, founder of Bronze Investments and partner at Kapor Capital. “But for young entrepreneurs today, it’s considered the right thing to do and is viewed as being cool.”

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