Popular Program Offers Learning Opportunities

It is hard to dispute the old saying that knowledge is power.

Franchising – Identifying Key Advantages, Risks And Rewards

Having experienced a few years of tougher economic conditions those who want to get into business may wish to consider a franchise.

The Entrepreneur’s Source Encourages Individuals To Be Confident In Business Ownership

According to articles posted on business sites discussing job trends of the future, tomorrow’s employers will put a premium on skilled and semi-skilled workers, especially in computers, health care, science and technology.

How To Avoid A Franchise Fad

Before sinking your money into a hot franchise concept, make sure it’s the real deal — not a dead duck.

Buying A Franchise: Negotiation Strategies

Franchisees all too often sign franchise agreements without understanding their options, and then wonder later whether they could have negotiated for a better deal.


Today in Entrepreneurial History: February 17

1933 – The Blaine Act ends Prohibition in the United States.

What Does A Great Franchise System Look Like?

Beauty, it is said, lies in the eye of the beholder.

Resolving Conflict An Issue For Many Franchises

A new study into the causes and experience of conflict in the franchise sector shows that New Zealand franchisees can be disappointed with their franchising experience.

WA Franchisee Advocate Explains Why State Laws Are Necessary

Western Australia’s shadow minister for commerce and small business, Ljiljanna Ravlich, has explained why she is trying to push through state-based franchising laws that include penalties for breaches of the Franchising Code of Conduct and provide a statutory duty of “good faith” for negotiating contracts.

What Can A Franchisee Do When The Chain Fails?

We’ve just published a case study that profiles the bind faced by William Burris, the owner of a box-rental franchise in Washington, D.C., who learned that his franchisor had gone bankrupt.