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The Year Of The Franchisee – How Franchisees Are Helping The Restaurant Industry

The Great Recession left clear winners and losers in the chain restaurant game.

How Chains Are Marketing To Millennials

The Millennial demographic, including those in their early teens through mid-to-late 20s, is expected to increase its spending influence and its size, mostly driven by immigration, in the next few years.

Unveiling The Perfect Franchise Family!

One of the biggest headlines in all newspapers and magazines across the country – not to mention the “Money Talk” that covers television shows and the mighty Web – is the world of franchising.

Franchising Is Not Just A Man’s World

The franchise business model is no longer just for men, as more and more women are setting up their own franchise business and making a great success of it too.

Steer Your Career With Automotive Services

Why not steer your passion for cars into a franchise opportunity and get a green light for your own business, suggests Domini Stuart.

Pawn Broker Aims To Attract Recruits

An established pawn broker with more than 200 stores across the UK is looking to recruit franchisees and expand its network into South Wales.

Increased Demand For Factoring Services Drives Record-Setting Year For Liquid Capital

2011 was a record-setting year for Liquid Capital, which saw a dramatic increase in factoring volume in both its U.S.

Investing In Small Versus Big Franchise Brands

There are three fundamental differences for potential franchisees investing in new, lesser-known franchise brands compared to larger household names which serve essentially the same market.


Accessories For iPad Users With Disabilities

The assistive devices started really by accident.