Nashville Post:

As folks 45 and older face the stark realities of losing their jobs and struggling to find positions within the conventional workforce — a dearth of opportunity often the result of ageism fueled by stereotypes — a new career choice is emerging: franchise owner.

The 21st century workforce has forced middle-aged workers to confront certain realities (for example, downsizings often hit older employees disproportionately), and they are getting more comfortable with the thought of changing careers, starting their own businesses and accepting lower-paying jobs within their respective fields. Within this framework is the franchisee option.

The thinking goes something like this: “If a prospective employer doesn’t want to hire me because I’m perceived as on the downward slope of my career, not particularly tech-savvy and/or in need of a maximum salary, I will start my own business. And doing so as a franchisee presents a certain safety net.” Full article.

Originally posted by Cris Zimermann on March 2, 2012 in Franchise Site.


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