Buford, Wyoming for Sale

Photo by eszter

Buford, Wyoming, population now 1, will be auctioned at noon April 5.

Don Sammons, the town’s sole resident, has put the town up for auction with Williams and Williams, an auction company based in Oklahoma City.

This will be the company’s first town to auction, said Amy Bates, the company’s chief marketing officer.

Buford sits 28 miles west of Cheyenne on Interstate 80. Located at 8,000 feet, it is the highest town on the I-80 route from California to New York.

The Buford, Wyoming auction represents a unique opportunity to acquire an entire town, along with the Buford Trading post, an income-producing convenience and fuel store. Included in the auction are 10+/- acres of land, five buildings, United States Post Office Boxes, inventory, furnishing, tools, plow and 3 vehicles. There is also a Union Wireless cellular tower with lease, and parking area previously used by an overnight shipping company for night time trailer switches.

The auction will be accessible on the internet at The Auction Network.

Photo by eszter.

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