Crickey! There’s a Marmite Shortage in NZ!

Marmite 100

New Zealand is running out of Marmite! Marmite, if you don’t know, is boiled yeast which is eaten on buttered bread.

The NZ Herald has the story:

Marmite supplies are on a knife edge, with lovers of the spread being urged to ration their use as supermarkets run low on stock.

Manufacturing of the popular breakfast spread has been halted by earthquake damage to Sanitarium’s Christchurch plant – the only plant where Marmite is made.

Sanitarium is urging consumers not to “freak out” as it works to relocate its Marmite manufacturing facilities to a safer part of the Christchurch site.

According to Wikipedia, “Several auctions for jars of Marmite were listed on online auction site TradeMe, with some sellers asking for up to NZ$800 per jar; over 185 times its usual retail price of around $4.25 per 250g jar.”

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