30-Plus-Location Janitorial Franchise Grows Under-the-Radar, Plans to Use Bergen, Passaic, Sussex Counties as Hub for Expansion


Of the countless businesses slowed or crippled by the recent recession, the commercial cleaning segment is one of the few to emerge mostly unharmed, says Adam Povlitz, Vice President of Operations for Anago Cleaning Systems. Facilities always need cleaning regardless of the economy, and he says many veteran white collar workers downsized throughout New Jersey during the period are now viewing the industry for its franchising and profit potential, as opposed to the “less than glamorous” work perceived as involved.

“Let’s face it, commercial cleaning isn’t the sexiest franchise going, and when the economy is strong, it’s not at the top of a prospective franchisee’s list,” Povlitz says. “But when people who have experience in business look closely at this industry and they realize that it will be here forever—not replaced by automation or the Internet—they see that the business case for it suddenly makes a lot of sense.”

Originally posted by Cris Zimermann on April 5, 2012 in Franchise Site.


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