Deb Evans, the former President of Computer Explorers (CE), has launched a franchise operation consulting firm designed to help franchise companies develop peak performing franchisees.

Evan’s new firm, Deb Evans Consulting LLC, has partnered with Joe Mathews and the Franchise Performance Group to implement a range of franchise operations training, coaching and consulting with the goal of increasing the skill set of the franchise operations staffer.

“Franchise operations staff are the unsung heroes of the franchise industry,” said Evans, who spent the previous 16 years in the CE franchise system. “Franchising often focuses on franchise sales and expansion at the expense of the operations side of the business. Luckily, there are some best practices and methodical ways for companies to increase same store sales and shorten ramp up so franchise owners are both happier and more profitable.”

Originally posted by Cris Zimermann on April 5, 2012 in Franchise Site.


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