Water Ice Franchise Kona Ice Mobilizes ‘Fun’atical Group Of Franchise Owners


America’s “coolest” movement is breaking down generational barriers to bring kids and adults together for an experience unlike any before.

The frozen frenzy Kona Ice has created is quickly spreading, capturing the hearts, minds and taste buds of the nation. Blending together its decked out truck that endears all who see it, mouthwatering gourmet flavors, and an unyielding commitment to community, Kona Ice is positioned to continue its remarkable ascent throughout the country.

“We’ve struck a chord with the country – there’s no debating this – the proof is in how quickly families, schools, neighborhood organizations and even other businesses adopt Kona Ice when it arrives in their communities,” said Tony Lamb, founder and president of Florence, Ky. – based Kona Ice, who created the concept after witnessing the fear in his daughter’s face during a visit from an old rusty ice cream truck. “The beat-up truck was blaring scratchy music, and the driver was incredibly intimidating. Treat time should be all about fun for parents and their kids. With Kona Ice they can proudly claim their community Kona truck as their own. They have made us a part of their lives.”

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