For many franchisees, running a business might mean employing staff for the first time. The good news is franchisors are often able to assist in this process and that’s certainly the case at Pizza Capers.

Damien Davies at Pizza Capers says the franchisor will draft an ad for staff for the franchisee. Pizza Capers will go through the recruitment program for in-store staff as well as discuss the relevant industry bodies that franchisees should refer to for advice.

“We don’t employ them, we go through the interview technique, and how to attract the right staff members,” he says. That’s important, with up to 100 applications for each role.”

“It’s like working in a surf shop, people want to work for a classy brand. It’s about working out where people are right for each role. Franchisees could be employing between 20 to 30 new staff members across the roles in the business and it’s necessary to be able to judge which role suits.” Read more here.

Originally posted by Mark on April 16, 2012 in Franchise Site.


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