So Much for the Land of the Free

Jailed Business man

While the government says that its doing its working hard to create more jobs, in fact, in many places small business entrepreneurs are under attack by ridiculous new rules that stand a good chance of putting them out of business or sending them to jail. Here are two examples:

Texas requires computer repair technicians to get a private investigator’s license, which could require a degree in criminal justice or three-year apprenticeship. Uncredentialed IT guys could face a $4,000 fine, one year in jail or a $10,000 civil penalty. Consumers who knowingly take their computers to unlicensed companies are subject to the same punishment. Since 2007, anyone in Texas who accesses nonpublic computer files to gather information is deemed by the state to have conducted an “investigation” — thus the requirement.

So much for the lone star state. Things are even worse in the nation’s capital:

In Washington, D.C., unlicensed tour guides can be punished for historical chitchat for up to 90 days in jail.

Watch out! Uncle Sam or his statehouse cronies will put you out of business before you even start.

Photo by Ljupco Smokovski/ShutterStock.

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