Entrepreneur Drives Business (Literally!)


If it’s Sunday, that’s probably not Breck Slaughter you see pedaling his three-wheel adult tricycle on the sidewalks of A1A Beach Boulevard advertising a variety of area business.

The two shared tales Friday of how Breck’s business was founded after the family moved from Delaware in 2008 and Mark and Brooke Slaughter spent several years trying to “get good job placement” for their younger son.

It was Brooke, says her husband, who came up with the idea of the tricycle billboard business, Breck’s Beach Billboards, after Breck was introduced to his first three-wheel tricycle.

Breck’s Beach Billboards was founded about a year ago. Douglas Burnett, St. John’s Law Group, was the first customer. Burnett, who is also attorney for the St. Augustine Beach Commission, worked with the Slaughter family and the commission to change a city ordinance to allow Breck’s business.

Photo from Breck’s Beach Billboards

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