Quirky Goes Make In USA

Not all of Quirky’s products are made overseas anymore. Their new milk crate is made here in the USA, reports BusinessWeek.

The storage crates will be sold on the design website Fab.com for the next seven days. Starting on July 1, they will be available at 400 Target stores around the country.

The company wanted to make the crate in the U.S. in part to speed up the manufacturing process, allowing the storage cube to be ready in time for the back-to-school shopping season. They are being built in Vermont.

The crates, which look like a rounded, sleeker version of the plastic milk crates found in many college dorms, will cost $20, with accessories ranging from $5 to $30. They were designed by Jenny Drinkard, who graduated from Georgia Tech about a year ago.

Image from Quirky

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