Kitchenware Bamboo Waste Niche

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What do you get when you compress leftover bamboo sawdust, rice starch and a plant-based binder?

You get Moboo, short for molded bamboo, a new line of nontoxic, earth-friendly kitchenware from Natural Home Products.

Sold at 500 Target stores across the country, the Moboo line has been a hit with consumers who think green but don’t want to part with too many greenbacks, said Bill Mitchell, president of Natural Home Products, which launched the line in March after years of working with its manufacturing partners to develop a product that looks and feels like plastic but is all natural.

Moboo is manufactured with a combination of bamboo dust and ground bamboo from the inner portion of the bamboo stalk, along with rice husk and a natural binder.

Mitchell, whose job is to create products under the Natural Home name for sale across the U.S., searches for sustainable and recycled materials around the globe. Many of Natural Home’s kitchen tools and gadgets are made from recycled stainless steel and bamboo; its oven mitts and hot pads are made from recycled cotton from India; it sources recycled glass from Europe and has recently started working with a company out of Tel Aviv which uses recycled fabric to create cleaning cloths.

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