Basketball Player Turned Cream Puff

Brian Zoubek

Since a back injury prevented Brian Zoubek from playing in the NBA, he’s moved onto his second love: cream puffs.

You got a problem with that? If you did, it’s not likely you would tell him to his face. For starters, you would likely have to stand on a ladder to do it. Zoubek is 7-foot-1 and weighs about 265 pounds. He was a standout at Duke and went out a winner, when the Blue Devils beat Butler for an NCAA basketball championship in 2010.

Dream Puffz Logo

More info about the business is here.

After Brian left basketball, he worked at a mobile app startup in New York City with some friends from Duke. A couple of months passed and he realized it wasn’t working out.

“I found out that I couldn’t sit in front of a computer screen for 8-10 hours a day,” he chuckled. At 7’1’’ tall, I can understand why.

But working in New York had positive results, because Brian, a self-proclaimed foodie, found the food culture in New York inspiring. His thoughts kept drifting to a shop he frequented throughout high school that made a unique version of cream puffs. Seeing everyone carrying bags by Baked by Melissa, a boutique cupcake shop which now has several locations in the city, it all came together for Brian: he knew he wanted to start a cream puffs shop.

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