Reforming The British Education System – A New Approach

If qualifications are to regain, and then maintain, the public’s confidence – then their design and administration must be wrested of government control – claim James Croft and Anton Howes In their bid for office, the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom staked a great deal of their political capital on restoring public confidence in the quality of the education system.

Little Sunshine’s Adds Franchisee, Leaves Lawsuits Behind

Little Sunshine’s is a for profit preschool and daycare center.

Yogurtland Plans More Locations In Houston

Irvine-based Yogurtland will develop its presence in Texas in the coming year, with plans to open 12 to 15 new locations throughout the greater Houston area, where it already has three locations.

Printing Operators Turn To Signage & Visual Graphics To Revive Business

As the traditional printing industry continues to gradually decline, an increasing number of print shop businesses are turning to other categories, such as signage and visual graphics, to build new revenue streams.

Food Franchising Industry Sees Solid Increase In Profits

Profitability continues to be an elusive target for many businesses in the current U.S.

‘Little’ Food Franchises Reap Big Success

Kumain ka na ba?” (Have you eaten?) We, Filipinos, never fail to ask this of guests in our house, it is almost like a greeting.

New Franchise Opportunities Abound In New York City

New franchise opportunities are plentiful and New York franchise consultant, John Ryley is making a difference for budding entrepreneurs.