Today in Entrepreneurial History: November 30

On this day in 1840, Canadian businessman Henry Birks was born.


Today in Entrepreneurial History: November 29

For thousands of years before the arrival of European settlers, the area now known as San Jose was inhabited by several groups of Ohlone Native Americans.


How to Spot Investment Opportunities at Home and Abroad

Investing is such a crucial matter because it involves using your hard earned money in a venture that is geared to bring in profit.


5 Ways to Raise Money for Your Business

A business will always need more capital, no matter how long it has been running.


5 Things to Look for When Canvassing Businesses for Sale

Canvassing is the art of calling or visiting prospects to make sales.


5 Advantages of Franchising Your Business

Franchising is a way of business expansion by allowing other parties to sell products or services such as you offer by use of your brand, trademark and even management skills.


Top Tips for Locating the Perfect Business Premises

In these unsettled economic times, few companies have the resources or the inclination to commit to a long-term investment in business premises.

How to Make an Unforgettable Impression with NFC Business Cards

People have been handing out business cards for hundreds of years in order to share their personal details.

Waiting for Another Movable Type

Remember the web before Movable Type?


Today in Entrepreneurial History: November 28

The Chicago Times-Herald race was the first automobile race held in the United States.