Intuit QuickBooks Payroll

Intuit Quick Books Payroll

It’s nearly the end of the year and time to start thinking through how you do the things you do, so that hopefully 2013 will be a better year for you and your business. Do you still do payroll by hand? I do. But I’ve been looking at other options and thought I should share some of my discoveries with you:

Intuit QuickBooks Payroll is software-based payroll services for both PC and Mac. At $25 per month, plus $1.50 per employee, you can do free direct deposits and unlimited payroll runs.

The system works like this:

  1. First you enter the employee hours. The system will then print the checks on your own printer, or you can do direct deposit straight into your employees’ checking accounts.

  2. The system then calculate your state and federal payroll taxes automatically. With just a press of the button you can pay when you’re ready.

  3. Finally, Intuit QuickBooks Payroll automatically fills out all of the federal and state tax forms for you. One more click of the button and all of the required forms are filed with the correct authorities.

The system comes with a free 30 day trial so that you can decide if it’s right for you. Check it out.

What do you use for payroll?

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