Whoopie Pies are Whoopie!

Photo by seelensturm

Two layoffs made a great whoopie pie for two Maine residents. Their joblessness pushed them to start a bakery, called Chococa Baking Company, just as whoopie pies began gaining popularity in 2008.

Money Magazine reports:

Had Julie Ganong and Alan Mons not both been laid off in 2008, the couple might not be making whoopie right now. Whoopie pies, that is.

Almost immediately after being let go from The Provident Bank, where she was a senior vice president, Ganong began searching for similar positions. But her husband, a business analyst at Sun Life Financial, “was not unhappy” to get the ax.

A restaurant manager and line cook in a former life, Mons had been wanting to shift back to a food-related career. And his wife had given him an idea: to perfect a mini-version of the whoopie pie

Photo by seelensturm.

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