Niche Biz: Backyard Storage

The sales brochures include small, colorful backyard storage sheds to deluxe 36- by 50-foot horse barns and whatever there is in between.


Doctors Express Urgent Care

The talk of health care is in the air, and it is not about to go away.


Creating Electricity With Bicycle Power

[Interview : Moon Jang-man, Inventor ] “The generator is attached to the bicycle so that electricity is created when you push the pedals.”

Three years ago, Moon Jang-man was working out of the back of a truck.


Pay Per Visit

Could you imagine how much money you would make if every salesman that came to your door had to pay $.10 before they could get your attention?


Today in Entrepreneurial History: January 25

1881 – Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell form the Oriental Telephone Company.

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