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furtakk on reddit.com:

I live in Seoul. I always see things that I think would do super well back home, but for whatever reason (stricter laws, smaller population, less foot traffic, etc) they just wouldn’t work. Anyhow, these are some.

  1. Video Game/Movie Rooms – Rent a private room with a giant HDTV, surround sound, and super-comfortable seating. – Play Wii/PS3 with your friends or watch a DVD/BluRay. – Free snacks (crappy soda, popcorn, etc.)
  2. Cat/Dog/Animal Cafes – Overpriced coffee shop where you can play with kittens/puppies.
  3. Errand Boys – Delivery service for whatever you want. Is there a restaurant you want to eat from that doesn’t deliver? No problem. Need a book bought and delivered in the next hour? Sure. Need your light changed? They’ll be right over.
  4. Grocery Delivery Service – Basically for people without cars. If you shop in store, but have too much to carry home, they’ll deliver it at a specified time the same day (free of charge if you order enough).
  5. Board Game Cafes/Bars – As mentioned earlier. Pretty much the same thing. In the cafes, you pay by the hour. In the bars, if you buy a drink you can just play for free, but the games are usually much more limited.
  6. Bagged (Alcoholic) Drinks – The bar equivalent of a taco truck. They setup in nightlife areas with lots of foot traffic on the weekends. Some are simple and only sell a small variety of cocktails. Some are fully stocked bars.
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Originally posted by Dane Carlson on February 19, 2013 in Featured.


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