Video: The Invention of “Long Island Iced Tea”

Bob “Rosebud” Butt is credited with inventing the Long Island Iced Tea while he was a bartender at the Oak Beach Inn on Long Island in the 1970s.


Saving Camping Spots

Here’s a great part time business to start….


Cubify: 3D Printing for the Home

Cubify understands the problem with geeky, DIY, hard to build and calibrate printers; and their Cube aims to solve this.


The Homeless Entrepreneur Who Squatted at AOL

Having spent several months legitimately working in the building, often quite late, Simons had noticed that although there were security guards with nightly rounds, there were at least three couches that seemed outside those patrols.


Relaunching A Classic Drink: Choc-Ola

“It’s the greatest-tasting chocolate milk you’ve ever had,” said Joe Wolfla, a 73-year-old book publisher who worked with fellow Indianapolis entrepreneur Dan Iaria to relaunch the drink.


Missing Remote Inspires Teen

Lily McCauley could never find the remote in her home.


Home Decor To Your Door

Decor to Door is an emerging retailer of stylish and affordable, high-quality home furnishings and home decor, offered exclusively through our team of independent sales representatives in the party plan setting.